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LandscapeHD - Relaxing Classical and Instrumental Music Television


LandscapeHD has concluded an agreement with Azam Media in Tanzania to provide its languageless lifestyle music channel in 42 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. The service starting today will be delivered to viewers using the new high powered Eutelsat Ku band satellite at 7 degrees East, giving anyone access to a raft of new channels anywhere in Africa south of the Sahara with a satellite dish.

Landscape Online
Landscape is now FREE to view on the internet!

It's not HD but that will be coming soon. For now just sit back and relax.

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LandscapeHD Featured Artist

Rebecca Foon

Rebecca Foon is a Montreal-based cellist, best known as co-founder of contemporary chamber group Esmerine and member of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Set Fire To Flames, The Mile End Ladies String Auxiliary, Fifths Of Seven and most recently Saltland.

Foon began composing solo work in 2010, featuring multi-layered cello and hushed, stark vocals that explored the intersection of drone, no-wave, improv, dream-pop and minimalism.


LandscapeHD have concluded an agreement with Wide Media Wide Media in Estonia to represent the LandscapeHD network of 1080p format music television channels in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Wide Media is the biggest independent distributing agent for international TV-channels and TV-networks in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. LandscapeHD is the first channel to offer their channels in the region using the new 1080p mini-servers developed by Landscape to distribute music channels internationally without a satellite feed through any IP enabled headend. These mini servers cost less than an iphone and are about the same size.
LandscapeHD film-maker

LandscapeHD is providing an opportunity for talented film-makers to get their work into the new HD broadcast industry. We make high definition music videos for the independant musicians who work in the global world of instrumental music (classical and contemporary). We are looking for those who can show an ability to creatively shoot and edit HD footage. For more information on the exciting new LandscapeHD Producer and Director of Photography schemes please visit the Production pages.

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LandscapeHD musician opportunities...

We are currently offering musicians the opportunity to use our television broadcasts as a medium for marketing their music. Each track aired has an on-screen credit to the artist as well as album and publisher details. Featured artists will also get a profile on our LandscapeHD artists page with a link to their own website and will get to use the video we make to their music for their own promotional purposes.

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David Lanz

The Enchantment


Stunning views of Venice, Italy.